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Take two natural remedies — Elderberry and Echinacea — both of which have proven healing abilities, join them together, and the result is a powerful therapeutic combination. That’s the conclusion of a new study conducted in the Czech Republic. It’s positive news for those seeking natural, safe remedies for ailments like colds, influenza, and respiratory infections.

Elderberry with Echinacea

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  • Elderberry (Sambucis nigra L.) has long been known to have potent antiviral and antibacterial properties. A recent study showed that a membrane filtered elderberry formula called Rubini was effective against influenza A and B, as well as various bacteria that caused secondary chest infections.


    What the Czech researchers found was that, after ten days, the elderberry and echinacea-based remedy actually had better results than the Tamiflu / placebo remedy. A bit over 90 percent of the group on the elderberry and echinacea mixture showed full recovery, compared to less than 85 percent of the group who had taken the Tamiflu / placebo combination. Moreover, there were far fewer adverse reactions — such as nausea and vomiting — among those who received the elderberry and echinacea drink.


    As we continue to search for alternative treatments, we will no doubt discover even more about the healing powers of natural ingredients. Certainly elderberry is a proven treatment for a number of respiratory illnesses. But its remarkable potency when combined with echinacea gives elderberry even more credibility — as the number one go-to natural remedy against ailments.